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Dual Motor Driver Board
Dual motor driver board for controlling up to two DC motors off a microcontroller. ..
$2.50 Ex Tax: $2.50
HC-05 Bluetooth Wireless Transciever
Bluetooth to TTL serial module for microcontrollers. Uses Serial Port Protocol (SPP). Can be run as either master or slave. ..
$5.50 Ex Tax: $5.50
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
Ultrasonic sensor for detecting distance. Hypothetical range of 2cm-400cm with 0.3cm precision. ..
$1.55 Ex Tax: $1.55
LCD 2x16
This 2x16 LCD is for use with microcontrollers such as the Arduino Mega2560 or Uno. This LCD can be used in 4 bit mode, 8 bit mode, or with I2C backpack.   ..
$10.00 Ex Tax: $10.00
LCD Keypad Shield
LCD Keypad Shield for use with Arduino microcontrollers. Includes 5 readable buttons and one reset button,  2x16 character LCD display. The program shows information from the controller to a user by the LCD display.  The LCD allows us to quickly show information while not connected to the PC.  www.rabbitrobots.com\download\BittyRobot_LCD.zip www.rabbitrobots.com\download\LCD.zip www.rabbitrobots.com\download\LCD_UltraSonic.zip www.rabbitrobots.com\download\LCDKeypadTest.zip www.rabbitrobots.com\download\LCDKeypadTestTutorial.zip   ..
$5.16 Ex Tax: $5.16
Long Arm Cherry Switch
Simple cherry switch. Output can be switched between two pins by pressing the large switch on top. ..
$0.47 Ex Tax: $0.47
IR Opto-Interrupter with 6mm gap. Requires ~20kΩ pull-up resistance to microcontroller and ~1kΩ load on IR LED ..
$0.70 Ex Tax: $0.70
Passive Piezo Buzzer Module
Standard passive piezo buzzer module for use with micorcontroller boards. Piezo Sound Buzzer: Activated by the Arduino controller to a user by sounds.  This robot kit can sound off with simple beeps, horn squawk, or music notes of a song.  www.rabbitrobots.com\download\Tone.zip   ..
$1.17 Ex Tax: $1.17
Photoresistor Pack
Simple photo resistor. Has variable resistance based on light levels Photo Cell - www.rabbitrobots.com\download\PhotoCell_Uno.zip ..
$0.07 Ex Tax: $0.07
Sensor Shield v5
Sensor shield for microcontrollers. Comes with 5 analog I/O ports, 13 Digital I/O ports, interfaces for parallel and serial LCD devices, Bluetooth module interface, ultrasonic sensor interface, RS232 port, I2C port, and an SD card interface. ..
$3.75 Ex Tax: $3.75
Standard S3003 Servo
Standard S3003 Servo with 360° of constant rotation. Comes with extra servo horns (arms) and screws.   ..
$7.27 Ex Tax: $7.27
Stepper Motor Driver Board
Driver board to control stepper motors with a microcontroller. Contains built-in LEDs to show the current phase. For use with five-wire stepper motors. Caution: Should not draw power directly from microcontroller board, the motor attached to the driver can overdraw current and potentially cause damage. ..
$2.50 Ex Tax: $2.50