Recommended list of tools for assembling one of our educational robotic kits.

  1. Digital Multi-Meter (Owon, Tenma, Fluke, Vicci)
  2. Screwdriver (Multi-Tool, 6-Piece set, Technicians Precision Screwdriver Kit)
  3. Exacto-Knife or other small detail knife
  4. Needle Files
  5. Wire strippers
  6. Drill bits
  7. Thread Taps - Drill Taps (M3, M4, M1.8)
  8. Soldering Iron (with Solder)
  9. Diagonal Cutters
  10. Electrical tape
  11. Heat shrink tubing
  12. 12inch or 30mm ruler (most all of our measurements are in Metric)

Software can often be the most important tools:

  1. Arduino IDE (for interfacing and programming te Arduino Uno and Mega2560)
  2. "Termite" from CompuPhase. A serial port monitoring software.
  3. "esp8266 Flash Download Tool" from Espressif Systems
  4. "UDP Test Tool" from www.SimpleComTools.com
  5. Microsoft Visual Studio
  6. "Processing" from www.processing.org A flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts.
  7. Android Studio (for writing programs for Ardiod phones and tablets)
  8. X-Code for iOS (for writing programs for iPhone and iPad)
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