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Dual Relay Board
Item Description This 2-Channel relay board is suitable for switching of higher voltages and perfect for use with microcontrollers including Arduino, ARM, AVR, and PIC. The relays used are rated up to 10A and have NO/NC contacts. Each channel has an LED indicator to show the relay is on.   Channels: 2 Connects directly to a microcontroller  2 LED Indicators  Switching Capacity: 10A  Maximum Voltage: 250VAC / 30VDC   Package includes´╝Ü 1pcs 2 Channel 5V Relay Module Shield  ..
Ex Tax: $3.00
Mega 2560 R3 with USB cable
This is the new MEGA2560 R3. In addition to all the features of the previous board, the MEGA now uses an ATMega16U2 instead of the ATMega8U2 chip. This allows for faster transfer rates and more memory.The drivers for Windows is included in the Arduino IDE.  The new ability to have the controller show up as a keyboard, mouse, joystick, etc. The MEGA2560 R3 adds SDA and SCL pins next to the AREF. In addition, there are two new pins placed near the RESET pin. One is the IOREF that allow the shields to adapt to the voltage provided from the board. The other is a not connected and..
Ex Tax: $17.35
WiFi ESP8266 Wireless Transciever
The ESP8266-01 is the base WiFi module for all of our robotic control.  This device allows the programmer to create a WiFi connection as 1) an access point or 2) as a station to some other access point.  The Remote Wireless Module bridges the world of WIFI to the serial UART of the micro-controller.  This board is quite small and can be mounted nearly anywhere on the robot frame. It is the hopes and reality of many robot enthusiasts that the 8266 series is becoming our way of linking to robots and into many products of the Internet O..
Ex Tax: $5.99