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Product Code: Compact Rover V7.2
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The Compact Rover is one of our introductory robots to the new line of educational robotic rover kits.  This kit comes unassembled.  The purpose of this robot kit is to teach the student about microcontroller programming, reading a schematic, interfacing the parts of the kit, completing tasks.  The primary lessons of this kit are:

Random Dance:
Programmable speed and direction. This kit is driven by two wheels and a skid.
Uses a servo to engage a pen.  The pen will mark the robot's route on paper or poster board.  This function allows the robot to produce graphics similar to a spirograph.
Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance:
Can avoid obstacles by using motor speed/direction controls and an ultrasonic module. The robot measures distance using the ultrasonic signals while moving forward. If an obstacle is detected in range, the robot can adjust the direction and move away.
WIFI Communications:
Wifi Communications ESP8266 - Robot can be controlled by APP on the Android Phone or iPhone
Packing List:
1 x Arduino Clone Uno R3 Control board 
1 x Robot Chasis (HIPS material) 
1 x Motor driver board 
1 x SG90 servos 
2 x Gear-motor 
2 x High-quality car wheels 
1 x USB Power / Data cable 
1 x Wifi Communications 8266
1 x Battery case 
1 x Ultrasonic module 
Several Dupont interconnect jumper wires 
Screws and Standoffs
Suggested Accessories:
* IR Remote control and IR receiver - Using matching remote control, After programming, you can use the remote control to move forward, backward, turn left, turn right and stop.
* Bluetooth Communications - Can be controlled by APP on the Android Phone or iPhone

... This kit comes unassembled.

Support Files:
Compact Rover Uno R3 Schematic .. Fritzing
Compact Rover Uno R3 (Schematic V2) .. PNG
Compact Rover Assembly Instructions .. PDF
Compact Rover Source Code and Schematic V2